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My Story


I'm Alexandra Lee, a Malaysian visual storyteller and photographer based in Tokyo. I grew up loving animals and for the longest time, I aspired to be a veterinarian. Back then, any visits to the zoo meant that I always had a single-use camera with me. Over time, however, my fear of worms got the best of me which meant becoming a vet was impossible. I figured handling a camera was a more comfortable option. Pretty much right out of high school, I began capturing more 'moments'. I was driven by my love and desire to create something that lasts and the thrill of telling stories through images. It's a pretty wonderful feeling when you finally find the one thing you want to do for the rest of your life.

What makes my style unique is that I am experienced in capturing candid moments in a space where you can be yourselves. My approach is unobtrusive while giving gentle direction only when it's needed. I'll ensure you feel comfortable in front of the lens while creating a fun session together.

On April 1st 2023, I held my first portrait exhibition in Tokyo. I was 36 weeks pregnant then! The theme was 'POSSESSIONS' and had 50 portraits of people displayed showcasing something they cherish. 

'POSSESSIONS' explores each individual's most memorable object. It could be something they have or given that has a story waiting to be told. These 50 individuals were photographed in both Malaysia and Japan over a period of 10 months. They are from all walks of life, different races and ethnicities, and various backgrounds.

In the same year, a similar exhibition was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in December.


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